Buyer Services

Graybar Group works with private capital, individual buyers and corporations, bringing a unique and highly targeted approach to the acquisition process.

The reality of the M&A field is that there are always more buyers than profitable companies for sale. While large corporations often have prior experience and knowledge of this complex process, individuals and small corporations lack that knowledge and often find themselves overwhelmed. This means working with a professional advisor is a necessity.

Graybar Group advisors have the experience necessary to guide buyers through the buying process, and help them make sound decisions that will reap benefits in the short and long term.

The first step in the process is to have the buyer complete a registration that will outline the buyer's investment criteria on industry size, profitability and types of transactions deemed appropriate for the buyer's needs. A confidential profile is then created and sent to advisors and business brokers with companies listed as fitting those requirements. Most profitable companies are not listed for sale, so we seek out the companies that best fit the buyer's profile - we don't limit our efforts to the listed companies. We not only advertise in publications and contact other brokers/dealers, but we also approach thousands of companies that we believe fit your requirements. Our experience has been that as soon as buyer has clarified his/her goals, the perfect business is within reach.