Why Graybar Group?

We are a Merger and Acquisition firm with a clear and unique focus. While most firms focus only on closing deals, Graybar Group focuses on finding opportunities that are a perfect fit for both parties. This ultimately increases the chance for a merger success in both the short and long run.

Since 2006, we've operated in the Graybar Building, located in the heart of New York City. We represent buyers and sellers, mainly small and medium sized companies in consumer goods industries.

As a seller, the success of your deal relies heavily on finding the right company to represent you. You need a company that understands your industry, market position, stage of operation and business needs; one that is willing to dedicate their time and resources to sell your business. Current market conditions have heightened the activity in this field, making acquisitions particularly attractive.

As a buyer, you must work with somebody you trust implicitly. After all, your decision to buy can hugely impact your finances and lifestyle for years to come. Before you look at businesses to buy, it's imperative that you first understand the market conditions. You must also know which types of business are the best match your skills and personality.

The Graybar business model allows us to charge low fees that other companies are unable to compete with. First, we don't believe in dual fees -- we charge either the seller or the buyer, but never both. Second, the fees are always success-based only.

The next step in the process is for you to clarify your plans. Call us at (212) 599-3193 to schedule an appointment. Together, we'll assess whether this is the right time for you to prepare your company for sale or look for an acquisition.

If you are or represent a

  • Private Equity Firm.
  • Independent Investor
  • Company looking to grow through acquisition.

If you are the owner of a

  • Company looking for liquidity or an exit plan
  • Company looking for a strategic buyer
We can help you take the first step in the process by getting a